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Hydraulic medium frequency furnace

It uses IGBT component and parts purchased from the whole world. It is characterized by high-efficiency resonance oscillation, low inductance current, large-scale digital circuits, more comprehensive and mature protection technology and faster, safer higher efficiency production.
Ω 设备轻巧,加热速度快,效率高。
The device is light, quick heating speed and high efficiency.
Ω 特别省电,操作简单,安装方便,适用于各种需要对金属加热的场合。
The device saves energy, operates and installs easily, applied to all kinds of metals heating situations.
Ω 占地面积小,可方便携带。
The occupancy area is small. And the device is portable.
Ω 24小时不间断。
The device can work continuously for 24 hours.
Ω 节约能源,保护环境。
It saves energy and protect the environment.
Ω 熔化不同的材料。
It can melt various materials.
Ω 使用坩埚,安全可靠。
It is safe and reliable with the use of crucibles.
Ω 自动化程度高,可实现全自动无人操作,提高劳动生产率
Due to the high automatic degree, the device realizes completely automatic operation to improve the productivity.
Ω 电子显示工作频率、电流、电压、功率。
The working frequency, current, voltage and power all adopt electronic display.
Ω 能耗低、无污染
It is featured with low energy consumption and no pollution.
Ω 加热效率高,与其他加热方式相比,有效地降低了能耗,劳动生产率高、无污染、设备符合环保要求 
Compared with other heating manners, the high heating efficiency reduces the energy consumption and improve the productivity. Besides the device meets the requirements of environmental protection.
Ω 采用超小型的中频感应加热电源,与传统中频电源截然不同
The device adopts superminiature medium frequency heating power supply different from traditional medium frequency power supply.
Ω 加热透热性好,温度均匀
The device is with good diathermancy and uniform temperature.
Ω 启动性能好,空炉、满炉均可达到100%启动。
With good starting performance, no-loaded furnace or full-loaded furnace all can start 100%.


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