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Intermediate frequency of complete sets of equipment

It uses IGBT component and parts purchased from the whole world. It is characterized by high-efficiency resonance oscillation, low inductance current, large-scale digital circuits, more comprehensive and mature protection technology and faster, safer higher efficiency production.

The device is light, quick heating speed and high efficiency.

The device saves energy, operates and installs easily, applied to all kinds of metals heating situations.

The occupancy area is small. And the device is portable.

The device can work continuously for 24 hours.

It saves energy and protect the environment.

It can melt various materials.

It is safe and reliable with the use of crucibles.

Due to the high automatic degree, the device realizes completely automatic operation to improve the productivity.

The working frequency, current, voltage and power all adopt electronic display.

It is featured with low energy consumption and no pollution.

Compared with other heating manners, the high heating efficiency reduces the energy consumption and improve the productivity. Besides the device meets the requirements of environmental protection.

The device adopts superminiature medium frequency heating power supply different from traditional medium frequency power supply.

The device is with good diathermancy and uniform temperature.

With good starting performance, no-loaded furnace or full-loaded furnace all can start 100%.


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