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Intermediate frequency furnace with closed cooling machine characteristics

Update Time: 11/13/2015  

The characteristics of closed cooling tower used in medium frequency furnace

       1、Closed cooling tower which composes of cooler and wet cooling tower is actually a horizontal evaporate cooling tower. Process fluid and air both cannot contact with each other because one flows inside the tube, the other flows outside the tube.

Closed cooling tower is a development and transformation of traditional cooling tower. The water in the reservoir under the bottom of tower is extracted from circulating pump, then is sent to the outside of the tube and sprays evenly. Because of no contact with process fluid or freezing medium and air, it is called closed cooling tower. And the effect of teat and mass transfer is enhanced by spraying. 

      2、On the one hand, closed cooling tower is applied to various cooling system which requires high recycling water quality. It has broad application prospect in electricity, chemical, steel, food, and other industries. On the other hand, compared with air-cooled heat exchanger, the evaporating cooling tower uses the latent heat of evaporation of tube side water to enhance the heat and mass transfer.

The advantages of closed cooling tower

(1) To improve  the production efficiency, soften the water cycle and with the advantage of no scaling, no jam, no loss.

(2) To lengthen equipment life and guarantee steady and reliable operation of equipment,reduce malfunction and prevent 


(3) Totally closed water cycle, no impurity to enter, no medium evaporation, and no pollution.

(4) To improve the workshop utilization factor, without pool, decrease land occupation, save the space.

(5) Small space occupation, easy to install, mobile and arrange, with compact structure.

(6 )Easy to operate, stable running, high degree of automation.

(7) To Save operation cost, various modes switch automatically, and intelligent control.

(8) Extensive use, directly cool medias with non-corrosiveness to heat exchanger.

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