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Intermediate frequency electric furnace forging process and characteristics

Update Time: 11/12/2015  


Intermediate frequency furnace

Prominent Features

With wide range from 1 KHZ to 20 KHZ, the suitable frequency can be chosen according to the specific diameter of heating work piece.  

The length of the induction coil is 500 mm-1 m when the medium frequency forging heating furnace is heating. And several rods are heated every moment to ensure the heating effect.

Medium frequency forging heating furnace uses the way of continuous heating, so the internal load of induction coil is balanced, which avoids huge change of the actual heating power caused by the huge change of load when the temperature of single rod load rises from room temperature to 1100℃ in the heating process. The actual power of equipment can be at least 85% of rated power, so the equipment can operate efficiently.    

With the reasonable design of induction coil and capacitor, the actual power can also be at least 85% of rated power when heating non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum. The heating capacity can reach 3.5KG/KW.h when heating copper.

Compared to SCR medium frequency furnace, it is smaller volume, more ease of maintenance and power saving about 15-20%.

Medium frequency melting furnace

Prominent Features

Medium frequency melting furnace is used for melting steel, stainless steel, and copper, gold, silver and other materials.

Medium frequency melting furnace has good electromagnetic stirring effect, which is helpful for the uniformity of melting metal temperature and organization, also helpful for scumming and reducing impurities.   

Medium frequency melting furnace is with wide frequency range from 1 KHZ to 20 KHZ. Comprehensively taking these factors such as melting capacity, electromagnetic stirring force, heating efficiency and working noise, etc. into consideration, the induction coil and matching compensation capacitor are designed, which decide the value of output frequency.

Compared to SCR medium frequency melting furnace, the medium frequency melting furnace can save energy at least 20%.

With the advantage of small size, light weight, complete models,melting capacity from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms and wide optional range, it is appropriate for factories, schools and research institutions.

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